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Beijing Xuanxi North Competition 2016
Heritage conservation and architectural design
Beijing Xuanxi North Competition
Our scheme has been shortlisted for the final phase of Beijing Xuanxi North Competition. We proposed a strategy of heritage conservation of the Dongguan Assembly House combined with new introverted spaces for co-working and heritage institutions.
Dilatare centralità 2015
Dilatare centralità. Il centro storico di Soliera
Draftarch classified 5th in the final phase of the competition "Dilatare centralità. Il centro storico di Soliera".
WAN Awards 2015
Noceto Pavilion
Longlisted, WAN Awards Temporary Spaces
Noceto Pavilion has been longlisted for the Temporary Spaces category of the WAN Awards 2015. The Jury was composed by renowned architects, artists and critics such as Je Ahn, Wolfgang Buttress, Pascal Wensink and Albert Williamson-Taylor.
Fornovo award 2014
Urban Regenaration
Winner, Fornovo City Council
DRAFTARCH won the First Prize in the Fornovo Taro urban regeneration competition. The project has been awarded thanks to its reorganisation of the functional and provisional structures of the square that had been designed through an understanding of its urban history.
Hainan Tower Interiors award 2014
Hainan Tower Interiors
Selected, IN/ARCH Architettura: energia per il Made in Italy
Casabella award 2013
Noceto Pavilion
Awarded, Casabella 85th Anniversary
Noceto Pavilion has been awarded and published by CASABELLA for its 85th Anniversary. The project, developed and built by Giacomo Bersanelli and Filippo Turchi, has been selected worldwide as outstanding work by Architects under 30. The magazine organized an exhibition at CasabellaLaboratorio in Milano to present to the public the publication of «Casabella» 832 and the selected projects.