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Dashilar Housing Regeneration project 23 feb 2018 | Our regeneration project for Dashilar area has been exhibited at Beijing Design Week.
Dashilar Housing Regeneration project 07 oct 2017 | Our design has been selected for the final phase of the Cangzhou Cultural Center competition, ranking first among 16 invited design firms.
Abitare minimo 07 oct 2016 | Our pavilion has been selected for the exhibition "Abitare minimo". The project, together with contribution from Steven Holl and Asif Khan, represents the idea of the link between landscapes and contemporary architectural settlements. The exhibition is held at Villa Alba, Gardone Riviera, from October 4th.
Beijing Xuanxi North Competition 11 ago 2016 | Our scheme has won the 1st Prize in the Beijing Xuanxi North Competition. We proposed a strategy of heritage conservation of the Dongguan Assembly House combined with new introverted spaces for co-working and heritage institutions.
Lebanon Eco-Quartier Competition 24 feb 2016 | Andrea Bergonzini has been part of the international Jury of the Lebanon Eco-Quartier Competition aiming to regenerate the Medawar District of Beirut.
ICE-Italian Trade Agency 10 feb 2016 | We have been selected by ICE-Italian Trade Agency and INArch as emerging Italian design firm operating internationally and we are featured on the catalogue published by ICE-Contract Italiano.
This is Concreta 2015 17 nov 2015 | Draftarch is attending “This is Concreta 2015” at EXPONOR Feira Internacional do Porto Stand 5-B24 with a brand new exhibition space showcasing our on-going working sites within a tectonic wall concept display.
Soliera 28 sep 2015 | Draftarch has been shortlisted for the final phase of the competition "Dilatare centralità. Il centro storico di Soliera". Draftarch, through few simple but effective actions, redefined the role of the public spaces highlighting the central role they play for the community.
Eugenio 16 jun 2015 | All the Design Studio 3 students of the University of Nottingham in Ningbo finalized their projects working on two apparently contradictory contexts: Maniitsoq in Greenland and downtown Ningbo. They proposed design solutions that establish a fertile dialogue with the surroundings, both natural and historical.
Beirut 29 apr 2015 | Andrea Bergonzini was invited to present the design of Tianjin Sino-Singapore Ecocity Community Center at the Build it Green conference in Beirut. The sustainability features and the urban environment have been discussed among the diverse audience.
Haikou Bank 01 apr 2015 | Works are going on in Hainan! We checked the progress of the Hainan Rural Commercial Bank project during our last site visit. The previous undefined areas of the 17 floors tower are now taking the spatial configuration developed during the design phases.
Conferenza Gardella 17 mar 2015 | DRAFTARCH explores the theme of elegance in architecture. Filippo, with D.Costi and M.Sintini, will deliver a lecture on the Italian master Ignazio Gardella entitled Site, program, project, architecture. Reflection from the research on the archive.
Landscape 10 mar 2015 | DRAFTARCH is now exploring Landscape design. According to its design philosophy, the team is developing a project where local materials and plants define different public spaces to provide various points of view and spatial experiences.
House A_SG 17 feb 2015 | House A_SG has come to the assembly step. The wooden walls MHM define the volume built and frame the views of the landscape . DRAFTARCH continues the path of design research focused on the relationship between inside and outside.
University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus 07 feb 2015 | Draftarch is back to school! Eugenio has started a cooperation with the University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus with a tutorship at the Design Studio 1 and 3. The work of the students will be focused on two different contexts.
Kindergarten 26 gen 2015 | DRAFTARCH investigates Montessori educational method on a design consultancy for a kindergarten in Tianjin. Emphasizing the interaction with their environment, the children follow an innate path of psychological development.
Eco City 05 gen 2015 | How to intervene in an eco city? Blending a sustainable data driven approach with an holistic integration with natural environment and social context. DRAFTARCH is developing a concept design for a community center in Sino-Singapore Tianjin ecocity.
Private house 04 dic 2014 | The project of a house is a non-linear path. The moment the design coherence of choices is flanked by the principles of ergonomics and functionality. The simplicity of the final result, however, retains the essential complexity of the process.
HNA Wuhan YOHO masterplan 11 nov 2014 | Context, borders and surroundings color shades: these are the concepts that inspired us for the HNA Wuhan YOHO masterplan. Starting from this perspective, the project becomes a chance to re-think a urban blurred line between the city and the outskirts.
Planning approval for E-Field retail center 20 oct 2014 | Contemporary design as chance for new connections and development of the historical city center. DRAFTARCH won the 1st prize in the Fornovo Taro (Italy) urban regeneration competition.
Planning approval for E-Field retail center 06 oct 2014 | Draftarch obtained planning approval for E-Field retail center. E-Field is a 400.000 sqm project located in the outskirts of Tianjin that combines the idea of the Chinese market with a contemporary design.