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DRAFTARCH is a design venture of practicioners with different backgrounds | it believes that the intersection of diverse contributions during the design process is the way to consistently answer to the questions arising today | DRAFTARCH deals with projects using a processual method that revolves around the end user and the project’s cultural and physical context | it includes the needs of all stakeholders regardless of the type and size of the task | DRAFTARCH develops solutions worldwide related within the design field mainly operating in architecture interiors and product design | it develops solutions in accordance with comprehensive and holistic sustainability principles.

| DRAFTARCH and experience
DRAFTARCH works as a venture that adapts to diverse contexts. We believe that architecture is primarily made of people, rather than professionals, with specific stakes in design matters. We ground ourselves in collective work and we implement diversity of perspectives, qualifications and backgrounds to sharpen our design. Projects are therefore the result of a constant exchange of expectations. This let us achieve continuous growth in terms of processes and achievements. This leads us to another important principle: nothing comes from nothing (Parmenides). We believe that an idea always comes from a specific imprinting and that it is constantly enriched by other contributions during its realisation.

We decided to choose a denomination that was as much inclusive as possible, so that all the people involved could feel part of a whole. In this each person is expected to contribute according to their strengths, interests and visions. The choice of an English name aims at reinforcing the open international vocation of the group, in terms either of background or commissions’ locations. The combination of two words makes the name even more effective: draft defines something incomplete, which is not in its final form; arch is the abbreviation of architecture. Both terms refer to the projects as a subjective response to a number of problems and, at the same time, as expression of a biased judgement of reality. An incomplete design achievement that requires a context and a final user in order to be completed.

| What is DRAFTARCH’s composition?
DRAFTARCH's specificity consists in the fact that its members differ in terms of background and interests but at the same time have many common edges. Having diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, we constantly try to go beyond boundaries and gather experiences. This would allow us to understand how to operate in today's complex reality, even partially.
We advocate awareness of adopting a multidisciplinary approach in dealing with any kind of project, regardless its size. At the same time we share a pragmatic opinion over architecture, which enables us to adopt a mutable, sometimes opportunist, approach to the profession and research.

| How are projects dealt with at Draftarch? What is the method involved?
In line with its international vocation DRAFTARCH has two offices, in Italy and in China, which operate in a consistent and complementary way, although each with its own peculiarities.
This allows us to have an extended view of the Asian context, which is vast and rich in stimuli, without forgetting our European cultural roots. Each project is developed with a method that involves a series of open questions. These encourage us to look for non-standard answers and enable us to analyse and interpret reality in all its edges. It is a non-linear method, with ups and downs, which gives us the opportunity to face each problem in a critical way, whether the problem is functional/programme-related or connected with the context. The latter, meant as a mix of physical and human reality, plays a major role in our projects that are based on the assigned briefs.